Monday, October 01, 2007

Welcome to Consumer Friendly Yarns, your resource for information regarding yarn manufacturers (large and small) and whether they require retail keystone pricing. Knitters and crocheters everywhere want to know which yarn manufacturers are affecting their pocket-books, and this site will answer that question for you.

Since this is a new site, the information available is somewhat limited, however within the next couple of weeks the list of consumer friendly (and unfriendly) yarn companies will grow as more and more companies are contacted. If you are interested in helping us (in any capacity), please email us.


At 9:47 AM, Blogger Ms. M's Miscellany said...

I do not understand the big deal about keystone pricing. Just because some people are not willing to pay the price a manufacturer or retailer sets does not mean there is anything unsavory going on.

At 12:42 PM, Anonymous Margaret said...

Could you please define keystone pricing?

At 7:17 PM, Blogger Consumer Friendly Yarns said...

Margaret, keystone pricing is a term used in the yarn industry that refers to a minimum price a retailer is allowed to charge for a particular item. In other words, instead of "manufacturer SUGGESTED retail price", it equates to "manufacturer MANDATED retail price" which in turn equates to price-fixing.

We at Consumer Friendly Yarns are not opposed to retailers charging more for the services they provide, and in fact completely support and agree with this practice. What we oppose is retailers being FORCED or required to charge a certain price by the manufacturers. We believe that what a retailer chooses to charge for their product (once they've purchased it from the manufacturer) should be up to the retailer, and that if a manufacturer wants to charge a particular retail price for their product, they should retail it themselves and not wholesale it. We believe in fair market economy, healthy competition, and capitalism, which is what the United States is founded on.


Consumer Friendly Yarns

At 12:40 PM, Anonymous Cat said...

WOW where have I been. I did not realize all this has been going on and for 8 months now. I will keep your list and I for one will not purchase from a keystone yarn company. We have owned and run delis ans when we order a product we are free to price it whatever way we want. If we want to draw in customers we might have a .99 sale on filet mignon - no one will tell us we can't. According to this yarn resellars cannot do this. I have no clue what other people do not get about this keystone pricing thing. Can you imagine if Kelloggs or Nabisco would tell the stores you cannot sell our products for anything less than a 150% mark-up??? They wouldn't be where they are today.
I think the yarn companies are just trying to get the bucks while the going is good and people will pay for it. Not sure about the posters but I for one do shop around for furniture, cars etc., and try to get the best price for the product. Where are some of these people shopping that don't think the stores are discounting prices where our LYS cannot. Which means they cannot hold sales. Where is the incentive to get consumers to come in and shop with keystone pricing????


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