Monday, October 01, 2007

Welcome to Consumer Friendly Yarns, your resource for information regarding yarn manufacturers (large and small) and whether they require retail keystone pricing. Knitters and crocheters everywhere want to know which yarn manufacturers are affecting their pocket-books, and this site will answer that question for you.

Since this is a new site, the information available is somewhat limited, however within the next couple of weeks the list of consumer friendly (and unfriendly) yarn companies will grow as more and more companies are contacted. If you are interested in helping us (in any capacity), please email us.

Our Mission

This site was created for the knitting and crochet communities (at their request) so that knitters and crocheters can be informed consumers regarding which yarn manufacturers require retail keystone pricing and which don't. Due to the recent exposure in the media and on the internet regarding the issue of keystone pricing within the yarn industry (specifically with the Tilli Tomas/Sarah's Yarns issue), knitters and crocheters have expressed their opinions regarding the practice of keystone pricing and many have chosen to buy only consumer-friendly yarns (those yarn manufacturers who do NOT require a specific mark-up of their yarns, whether it be 100%, 90% or any percentage of keystone) and have requested a list of "friendly" and "unfriendly" yarn manufacturers.

Our mission on this site is to accurately report the keystone pricing policies of all yarn manufacturers (large and small) and to be a reliable resource for the knitting and crochet communities to refer to before they make yarn purchases.